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Peniche and the sea are inseparable. It is one of the largest traditional fishing ports in Portugal and a large Atlantic center of maritime-tourist activities.

Before arriving at the beach, the visit of Peniche should include a passage through the historic center. In addition to the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, the Churches of São Pedro and Misericórdia, we highlight the Fort of Peniche, built in the 18th century. XVI / XVII for the defense of the coast in crossing with the Fort of the beach of the Consolation and the fort in the Island of Berlengas. It was important for the history of Portugal at various times, but it should be noted that his most recent contribution was as a political imprisonment during Estado Novo, where some of the most important public figures of resistance to the regime were present. Inside, we will know all the details as it is currently the Municipal Museum of Peniche.

In addition to the fishing gear which, of course, has always been one of the income sources of the population, Peniche is also known for the art of bobbin lace, which the women set about perfecting while men walked in the sea.

The sea remains one of the main points of interest and development and the beaches of Peniche are much appreciated. If the bays of Consolação and Baleal provide a good shelter for family beach days, the waves of this west coast, such as Medão Grande Beach, known as Supertubos due to its large tubular waves, are highly sought after by surfers and bodyboarders from around the world. In a competition at national level was named as one of the “7 Wonders of Portugal”. Together with Lagido Beach, they are the scene of the great surfing world championship Rip Curl Pro Portugal, a competition that integrates the World Surf League Tour.

A boat trip away is Berlengas Island Nature Reserve. Its translucent waters are ideal for divers who find here a natural stronghold of marine fauna and flora. The bustling sea and seclusion of the Island are also the motto for many mysterious stories of fishermen and sunken ships on this coast.

As it could not be, the sea also dominates the gastronomic specialties. One should not therefore leave Peniche without sampling the caldeirada, the seafood rice or the charcoal grilled sardines, always accompanied by the wines from the West region. For dessert, almonds are recommended, whether it be a “Peniche Friend” or the biscuits called “Estas”.

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