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Praia Grande do Guincho is located between two rocky tips, the high point and the tip of the fan, has a great extension of sand, both in length and width. With clear and crystalline water, Grande do Guincho beach is considered one of the largest beaches in the country, with a high number of holidaymakers, being part of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. It is also sought by Surfers, Windsurfers and Kitesurfers, where world championships of these same modalities are held.
The mountains of Sintra and the dunes give an internationally recognized landscape. Due to the wind, the beach faces the south with the dune system “Guincho-Cresmina”, of great geological dynamism. There are dunes of various types on this beach: the embryonic mobile dunes, which represent the first states of dune vegetation; the white dunes, which constitute the sandy cords closest to the sea; and the gray dunes, which are fixed, stabilized, and colonized by more or less dense pervades, and abundant carpets of lichens and mosses.
On this beach it is possible to observe a volcanic chimney, constituted by an important outcrop of basaltic rock, exposed during low tide.


Sintra is a picturesque Portuguese village, located in the center of the hills of the Serra de Sintra. This slightly cooler climate attracted the nobility and elite of Portugal, whose build exquisite palaces, extravagant residences and decorative gardens.

The variety of fascinating historical buildings and the beautiful landscapes have established Sintra as one of the best tourist destinations, as well as the most popular complementary trip from Lisbon. This guide will provide you with an introduction to Sinta, details of key points of interest and travel information.


Renowned for its splendid white sand beach, countless shops and charming shopping streets and cosmopolitanism, the fishing village of Cascais has reinvented itself and has become a refined seaside resort and one of the most sophisticated destinations in the area. Lisbon.

The town, located a few kilometers from the mouth of the Tagus, is nestled between the sunny bay of Cascais and the majestic Sintra Mountains. It displays a delightfully maritime and exquisite atmosphere, attracting visitors all year long.

Cascais was once an elegant summer retreat of the Portuguese monarchy during the 19th century and a haven for European royalty during World War II thanks to the neutral status of the country. Over time, this peculiar atmosphere has changed and the city has become a refined culture center with a vibrant nightlife and an enviable quality of life. However, the splendor and icons of its maritime apogee were maintained until today, through the elegant lighthouses, fortresses and the Citadel of the seventeenth century.


Places to visit…

Palácio da Pena
   Castelo dos Mouros
   Quinta da Regaleira
   Palácio de Monserrate
   Vila de Sintra (centro histórico)
   Cabo da Roca
   Praia do Guincho
   Estrada costeira desde o Guincho até Cascais
   Boca do Inferno
   Baía de Cascais
   Centro de Cascais
   Casino do Estoril e os seus Jardins
   Avenida Marginal


Marginal Road

It connects the city of Lisbon to the village of Cascais, crossing the entire Estoril Coast, next to the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean.

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