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Elvas is one of the main cities of Alentejo, the seat of a municipality, very close to the border with Spain, and an important strategic bastion, built within star-shaped walls.

Several people passed through Elvas and left their legacy, such as the Visigoths, the Celts, the Romans (who nicknamed it “Helvas”) or the Moors, having been reconquered by the Moors several times, definitely becoming part of the Portuguese Kingdom in 1229 , and suffering over the centuries various Spanish attacks. In fact, in 1659, its lines of walls and the forts of Santa Luzia and of the Grace had an important defensive paper in the outcome of the War of the Restoration, in the Battle of the Lines of Elvas.

The whole city owns a rich heritage, counting on an immense collection of megalithic monuments, as well as a good archaeological collection of the pre and Roman times.
From the medieval period, it is worth highlighting the beautiful 13th century Castle of Elvas, the Church of St. Domingos or the Church of St. Peter of the 12th century.
The most colorful monument of the city is perhaps the great Aqueduct of Amoreira, whose construction began in 1498 and was completed in 1622, with an extension of about 7,800 meters, with a total of 843 arches, some reaching more than 30 meters. Of the same architect of the Aqueduct is the beautiful Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, old Sé de Elvas, work of century XVI. Many other churches are worthy of registration, such as the Church of the Dominicans, Nossa Senhora da Nazaré, Conceição, or the Third Order of St. Francis, or outside the walls, the Sanctuary of the Lord Jesus da Piedade, where it is held annually in September, a famous Pilgrimage, coinciding with the Fair of St. Matthew.

Confident in its patrimony, tradition, and historical importance, Elvas presents diverse museological centers of great interest, such as the João Carpinteiro Municipal Photography Museum, the Military Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum, the Rural Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the Archeology Museum, Museum of the Ferrador and to the Museum of Cera da Piedade.
Alentejo Gastronomy is well represented in Elvas, with specialties such as bread soups, various pork and lamb specialties, various types of sausages and the famous olives and plums of Elvas.

The driver will be at the airport identified with a sign with his name written on it.

It will be duly accompanied to the vehicle where the transport will be made to the Hotel.

You can make a new reservation for the return day or book directly with the driver your time and date back to the Airport. So you can comfortably enjoy your stay without problems.

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